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NASA TV Schedule


Just a little PSA to my fellow Sailor Moon and/or Space fans! Tonight at 10:39pm Eastern Time NASA TV will broadcast the Apollo 11 Landing footage in Remastered HD!! It is the 45th anniversary TODAY of the landing on the Moon!!
It looks like the broadcast will last from 10:39pm to about 2am Eastern Time. From what I understand if you have Dish or Direct TV you should be able to view it on one of the NASA channels. Otherwise you should be able to watch the stream online! I *think* it will also be available to watch on their site after the initial viewing.

Anyway, enjoy it if you do watch! I’m excited to watch it since my dad talks like (to him) this was/is the most amazing/significant thing to happen, and he witnessed it first when he was 9 years old!

Just a reminder! It’s about to start! :)

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