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Second series of Sailor Moon stationary is out in Japan! Those capable can buy here I will share international shopping links as soon as they’re available. For more Sailor Moon Stationary, check here

Attention all Sailor Moon fans


Do you love Sailor moon? Do you love discussing sailor moon? do you love geeking about sailor moon? and most importantly! Do you live in the greater chicagoland area?

If you answered yes to all of these…then Senshi-Chicago is the blog for you!

Come join us as we discuss all things local as well as all things sailor moon! Come help us decide what the blog should be about!

Want to let people in on an event or festival that might be neat to check out? Know a local hot spot that you want to reccomend? maybe a favorite place to eat out that you just HAVE to let people know about! Maybe the gas prices are too high and you want to vent or let people know where you found cheap gas! Maybe, you were in your area or down town chicago and you had a sailor moon sighting…or…perhaps Satomi Okubo-san decided to peak her head out in one of your pictures (creepy satomi poking her giant head out from behind the sears Willis tower perhaps)
possible outlets for this blog: discuss things related to your local area, discuss sailor moon anything, meet new people (AND people who may live in your area…NEW FRIENDS R AWSUM lol amirite?)…plan meet ups (big or small)…

So, if you live in the greater chicago-land area…or even just close enough that a trip TO chicago isn’t too bad…then join us!

Imagine the friendships you could create once you find out about ALL the moonies who you didn’t know that lived near you!

For my new followers! Anyone from in or around Chicago? I’m actually about 1-2 hrs away but can drive or we’re lucky enough to have a train that goes to Chicago from here. Anyway, hoping I can make it to a meet up this spring/summer sometime!! T_T

New Followers - Hello!

OK, I honestly have NO clue how/why I suddenly have all of these new followers today but… holy cow!
Nice to see you! :)
Thanks for following me!

If there’s someone I should be thanking for that please let me know!!

Anyway, uhm… I just moved so my collection is packed up, when I get to unpacking (kinda saving it for last) I’ll try to at least take photos and/or do a video. In the meantime I also have some of the new stuff coming in.

In the meantime here’s a few of my post highlights:

  • My Sailor Moon Spreadsheets/Price Watch Great tool for collectors! I watch auctions (typically Y!J and eBay) and record the final price. Good for helping determine how much an item is worth! Sometimes I’m a little slow at adding the newest items, but I’m really trying! I do watch stuff I don’t have a spot for yet so I can add everything in when I get the chance!

  • Useful Weblinks for SM Collectors - General information, advice, helpful people, etc. Basically a bunch of sites/people I turn to when looking for information about items! I hope to make a second list (or update this one) someday!
  • My (old) Weekly Reviews - I was trying to make a post about each item, it’s manga an anime origin and the merchandise version(s) that were created of it. I’d love to make these again but they can take a LOT of time to do. T_T
  • This Star Locket post is just popular. I love that watch though. :)
  • I once did a list/photos of all of my RP items, and their copyright info. Is that weird? There’s also a video of how I displayed them at my apartment. I did other videos of my collection but I didn’t want to link them all right now.
  • Finally, I started making a comforter that looks like Usagi’s a looooong time ago. I’m ashamed to say it’s still not finished. T_T

Well, that’s probably enough linking to old posts for now. Hope you find something useful here!

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